Initiated by Photography Museum of Lishui China, China International Photography Gallery Alliance whose members come from nineteen countries is eventually founded in the first photography town in China, Lishui on November 6, 2011.

Since its beginning in 2010, we have sent allied invitations to photography museums, art galleries, exhibition center and photography galleries from over thirty countries in all the parts of the continents through the Internet.

After more than a year of contact and communication, the twenty-two member units from nineteen countries arrived at a series of agreements on the establishment of China International Gallery Alliance in 2011.

As a friendly, developmental, multicultural communicative and simulative alliance, it’s also the first regional and international cooperation with the photography museums, art galleries and gallery agencies around the world. The establishment of the Alliance necessarily brings positive and productive significance to the lateral exchange for East-West photography and cultural communication among its members.

The International Alliance of Photo Galleries Articles of Association
Mission: Mission:

The International Alliance of Photo Galleries, an association of photo galleries and photography museums all over the world, aims at promoting exchange, cooperation and resource sharing among its members. Member galleries will be updated on each other's exhibition schedules and kept abreast of the global trend in photography. They will have a chance to stage more exhibitions of higher quality thanks to the exhibition recommendation mechanism between them.


1.Information on photo exhibitions and collections will be shared among the members, including the portrait and biographical notes of the exhibiting artist and samples of the works on display (15-20 samples, 300K-500K).

2.The Alliance will facilitate the transmission and sharing of excellent works and collections among its members. Each member is obliged to arrange for two charge-free exhibitions recommended by other members each year.

3.The Alliance will endeavor to discover outstanding photographers around the world and incorporate their fine works into the Alliance's exhibition system for the whole world to admire and remember.

4.Lishui Photography Museum, the initiator of the Alliance, will build a website for the Alliance to facilitate exchange and information sharing among the members.

5. The members are obliged to introduce the Alliance to local governments with a view of a more favorable cooperation environment, to which the Alliance will lend full support.

6. Communication will be carried out among the members in many fields including exhibitions, promotion and education, cultural heritage studies and restoration, professional training and exchange of publications and information.

7. The members shall not engage in any activities that may impair the image and interests of the Alliance or other members.

8. Any dispute among the members should be settled through friendly consultation.

9. The Assembly of Members will be held on a regular basis, at which the Articles of Association may be added to or otherwise amended.

Alliance Catalogue:
Serial Number Country Alliance Member
1 Argentina Foto Club Buenos Aires Gallery
2 Australia The Australian Centre for Photography (ACP)
3 Belgium FotoMuseum Antwerpen
4 Bengal Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts
5 Canada National Gallery of Canada Foundation
6 Canada ViewPoint Gallery
7 China Photography Museum of Lishui China
8 China The China Timelss Gallery
9 France Museum of Art Thomas-Henry
10 Greece Photography Museum of Tinos Island
11 India Mala Mukerjee Gallery
12 Italy National Photographic Museum Alinari
14 Myanmar Burma Arts Festival Exhibition Center
15 Nepal The Nepal Siddhartha Art Gallery
16 New Zealand McNamara Gallery Photography
17 Russia The Moscow House of Photography
18 Slovakia The Slovak Photographers Association Gallery
19 South Africa The Photographic Society of South Africa Digital Gallery
20 United States Griffin Museum of Photography
21 United States George Eastman House
22 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan "Art +Fact"